Dream: Mysterious Dragon Wings Instrument


As I write down my various dreams for fiction inspiration, or as inspiration for my next book on Dreamwork, I thought I’d continue posting some of them here. In this case, I’m definitely going to have to work this mysterious dragon instrument into one of my fantasy books..

In the dream, I was driving in my van, then arrived to be a guest presenter at a Pagan Pride Day festival in Ohio. A woman from the (now defunct) Chicago Reclaiming was one of the organizers. The venue where the Pagan Pride Day (PPD) was being held was also a Renaissance Faire during the faire season, and the main info table for the PPD was outside of one of the nicer booths.

The guy running that booth made these things out of wood and brass, and his flagship/most expensive pieces were these wooden boards with two dragons made in brass, the dragons facing away from each other so their wings pointed back toward one another.

The wings either touched, or there was a string connecting them, and the instrument made a sound like a shruti box or hurdy gurdy when played. It was an intense, gorgeous, multi-harmonic sound. The wings almost seemed to glow when it was played.

It seemed that sometimes it was played like a hurdy gurdy, sometimes it was played with a bow over the single string, though at the end it seemed that tension springs were part of the sound.

The vendor¬†was trying to talk me into buying one, and he was offering me a presenter discount, but the items were about $600 or so. However, we tried one out to see if I’d be able to sing a chant over it, as the sound field was quite loud. A bunch of people¬†were suddenly standing around me waiting for me to sing. I got nervous, and couldn’t remember the lyrics to any chants. Finally I remembered The Ocean Refuses No River and started singing that. I was able to sing louder than the dragon instrument, but it made a great overlayer sound/texture.


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