Workshops: Ritual Facilitation and Chanting

Ritual Arts: Skills For Facilitating Transformative Rituals
Would you like more magical, memorable rituals?
Remember the most lackluster rituals you’ve attended–or led. Learning to facilitate effective ritual can be a frustrating process of trial and error. Now imagine the most magical ritual you’ve been to–or wished for. But how do you make a ritual stronger?

Join us to learn skills for leading and supporting rituals for deep spiritual transformation. Through discussion and exercises, this workshop explores what works and why including: ritual structure and energetic flow, logistics, common pitfalls, and engaging participation. Experienced ritualists will learn to facilitate stronger rituals; new ritualists will learn foundations.

Do you hear the call of compelling, potent ritual?

***Optional, Workshop participants can be encouraged to take practice skills by taking ritual roles for a large group ritual, or for a shorter ritual during the class. Join us to harness the sacred fire within!

Raising the Sacred Fire: Raising Energy in Ritual
How do you raise energy in ritual?
Building ecstatic energy creates memorable rituals and transformative spiritual experiences. But how do you engage participation? How do you keep a group of people chanting or working with energy together? How is energy for a healing ritual different from a cone of power?

This workshop offers tools to work with ecstatic energy through presentation, discussion, and hands-on practice. Explore: ritual structure and flow, energetic intention, strengthening presence and charisma, and engaging participation with chanting, movement, rhythm, and group connection.

Participants in the workshop will have the opportunity to practice ritual skills. Experienced ritualists will learn tools to facilitate more potent rituals and discussing what works and why. New ritualists will learn foundations of ritual work.

Will you join us to harness the fire of life force?

Into the Depths: Facilitating Trance Journeys and Meditations
Would you like to lead potent meditations and journeys?
Anyone can read a guided meditation from a book, but how do you facilitate potent trance journeys and pathworking that deeply engages participants in a trance state? The most transformative rituals utilize trance, bringing participants to the deepest spiritual places.

Through presentation, discussion, and hands-on exercises, we’ll explore tools for leading effective trances including: dual voice, open and inclusive language, rhythm, instrumental support, and how ritual structure, space setup, chanting, movement, and more can improve the effectiveness of your trancework. We’ll also work with trances to relax, such as going on a journey, and trances to build energy.

We’ll also address resources from Neuro-Linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, educational theory, learning modalities, and shamanic roots of trance, as well as discuss ethics and safety. All skill levels welcome.

Can you hear the rhythm of the waters calling you into the depths?

Ritual Arts: Creating More Magical Rituals through Authenticity
Facilitating compelling rituals is frustrating; many attendees complain of un-engaging rituals. But how do you get participants to participate? How do you bring the magic? Learn techniques focusing on inclusivity, authenticity, and deep presence to help attendees connect to the divine, deep, and sacred. To engage participants into feeling, facilitators must feel the magic first. Bring the elements, deities, and other facets to life by calling them forth from experience, imagination, and personal connection. Through authenticity, we bring potent, intimate and deeply impactful experience.

Sacred Sound: Dynamic Chanting for Ritual
Would you like to learn more chants to use in ritual? Join us to learn new chants and work with the interplay of dancing and drumming rhythm. We’ll explore different types of chants—chants for processions, sound healing, grieving, and for raising energy. We’ll also look at how drumming, rhythm, and vocal percussion can add to the power of group chants. All musical skill levels welcome. Experienced singers will be able to add layers and harmonies, but no music experience is necessary. If you don’t consider yourself to be a good singer, please join us to learn ways that anyone can support chants in ritual. Together we will experience how the ecstatic energy of sound, rhythm, and movement can add depth to any ritual. Will you bring your voice to the sacred singing bowl of community?

Sacred Sound: Advanced Chanting
Singing, chanting, and cantillation in ritual is a powerful way to raise energy in a group, or to offer private devotions. Many traditions use chant to raise and focus energy for healing, for invocations and trance possessions, and more. We’ll look at some advanced techniques in chanting, from ways to get groups of people to sing to ways to strengthen your voice and find your range. We’ll explore how to find simple harmony lines for chants, as well as adding in instruments such as didgeridoos or sound effects like throat singing, overtone singing, or vocal percussion. Whether you’re looking to work with the simple chant of OM, repeated mantras, kirtan, Galdr (rune-singing), the LBRP, shamanic healing, or singing and intoning devotions to deities, archetypes, spirits, and other allies, join us to help find your sacred voice. No music experience necessary.

Sacred Sound: Advanced Sound Magic
Learn how to add unique sounds to chants to go beyond the standard. We’ll look at harmony, rhythm, vocal percussion, cantillation, and other ways to vibrate sound for sacred work. All musical skill levels welcome, but be prepared to experiment. Learn how to create deep, multi-textured chants. Bring your drum, other instruments, your voice and your soul for intense rhythm and chanting.

Facilitation & Enchantment: Leading Workshops, Discussions, Meetings, & More
Learn tools for facilitating small, medium, and large sessions. Techniques  focus on teaching workshops; we’ll also apply them to small/intensive groups, meetings, or rituals. Learn to: structure a session, effectively use experiential exercises, address multiple learning styles, make space for deep emotional work, improve presence and speaking, build community, hold attention, and gracefully keep things on time. Join us to become a better presenter and keep a group enchanted!

Standing in Sunlight:  Enchantment, Charisma, and Power in Leadership and Ritual
To be a leader, ritualist, speaker, or teacher, you must step into your power. But how do you enchant a group? How do you learn to shine the light of the sun? As leaders, we gather radiance, brilliance, personal power, and be willing to be visible…we sacrifice invisibility, unethical behavior, powerlessness, egotism.

Part one will focus on practical facilitation tools with a focus on engaging presence and charisma to connect to the group. Part two is a ritual/experiential work to step into our personal power and practice techniques.