Intensives: Personal and Spiritual Growth

These are intensives that I can teach in a 1-day, 2-day, or 3-day format.


Into the Depths: The Descent of Inanna

If you would step into your deepest self….
If you would become the leader you dream of being….
Will you risk a journey into the depths of the Underworld?

Inanna….a Goddess, Queen of Heaven who journeyed to the Underworld. At each of the 7 Gates, she removed a jewel, a crown, a robe..7 trappings of her power. Naked, she dies, and is reborn, fed by the waters of life.

This 2-day intensive will offer work focused on personal and spiritual growth, leadership and community building tools, and together we will step into this myth through story and ritual. Participants will have an opportunity to explore leadership through the lens of personal work, and if they choose, build skills as a ritual facilitator.

Personal Growth
Inanna descends into the Underworld, removing 7 symbols of her power, rulership, and identity. These layers we build around ourselves, old stories to protect old wounds. The shadows that keep us from excellence.

What are the trappings you hide your true Self beneath?  Will you descend into the labyrinth to explore what’s hidden beneath?

At the core, your soul laid bare, who are you? What mysteries will you learn, healing beneath the earth? What calls you back to life? What spiritual sustenance fills you?

We emerge from the underworld understanding our deepest selves-and the titles and trappings we’ve shrouded ourselves in. Inanna, will you love your true Self?

Inanna acted from love and wrath. When have you acted out of anger, arrogance, old wounds? What impact did that have?

We will explore personal power, group power, structure, and dynamics, conflict resolution, communication, boundaries, life-cycles of groups, and more.

We have each made mistakes, acted out of unmet needs. Leaders, will you know yourself, forgive yourself, and step into your own excellence?

Ritual and Facilitation tools
Learn to facilitate transformative rituals, or effective workshops, with tools including structure and flow in gatherings, presence, charisma, and more. Participants can practice by taking roles in our group ritual work

Will you step into the dark?


Freyja’s Magic Necklace: Claiming Our Power

If you would step into enchantment….
If you would seek the deep magic within….
Will you risk claiming your own personal power?

A 2-day workshop focusing on spiritual work through creativity magic, personal exploration, along with experiential work in tools for leadership, facilitating ecstatic rituals, and in building healthy groups. Together we will step into the story of Freyja and her Brisingamen necklace. Through story, ritual, and magic, we will explore what it is to stand in and claim our own personal power and magic.

Freyja—The Norse goddess of love, lust, beauty, desire, and the wealth of the fertile land. A goddess of war and of death, she stands in her power. She is a goddess of magic, of the primeval golden fire of fertility and creation, of the burning hearth fire, and of the magical heat that shapes crafts, creations, and art. A shapeshifter and a shaman, she wears a golden falcon cloak to travel between the worlds.

Together, we will explore the story of Freyja’s Brisingamen necklace, the “Fire Jewel” which represented her power. What is your power? Or what is the power you seek? What do you desire? Freyja is a goddess of life force, of heat, of desire and fertility. She sparks us and enchants us to love, beauty, and vitality, to becoming our best selves. What would you ask life force and creative fire for? And the shadow, where does power turn to greed?

What magic will you seek?

Tools we will explore this weekend:
Personal and Spiritual Growth

Brisingamen–a magic necklace whose power cannot be resisted. Freyja is said to have paid a mighty price to the four dwarves who crafted a necklace like a glittering constellation of stars. What have you done to claim your power? What are the shadows that keep you from excellence? And, what is the personal magic you hold that is your inner power? What are the gifts you bring to the world?

Leadership, Community, and Relationships
Standing in our own power, can we stand with others in theirs? How do we create groups that empower each individual? What are power structures that facilitate healthy groups? We will explore personal power, group power, structure, and dynamics, conflict resolution, communication, boundaries, and more.

Raising Energy in Rituals
Raising power in a group is a collaborative effort. Together we will explore tools of facilitating rituals by drawing in our own personal power, learning to hone our talents, and empowering the whole group to add their energy to the ritual work through participation. Participants can practice by taking roles in our group ritual work.

Will you step into your power?