Workshops: Mythology

Do myths, symbolism, and stories enchant you? Can you awaken your imagination? Can you step into mythology? Take a piece of the myth inside yourself. Awaken your imagination and step across the threshold into encounters with heroes, gods, and monsters. Together we will begin an exploration of myth, story, metaphor, and archetypes, focusing on different themes in mythology. No prior reading is necessary- all that is required is an interest in myth.

Arthur, the Solar King
Arthur pulls the sword from the stone during the Yuletide jousting; he becomes the king and sets his destiny in motion. What does the sword symbolize? When have you pulled a sword from the stone and set your destiny in motion? What are the gifts Arthur brings as a leader? What unique gifts are yours, and how do you use them? Will you claim your destiny?


Snow Queen: Magic Mirror
The Magic Mirror distorts everything it reflects. When have you looked in the mirror and seen nothing but a distortion of yourself? When have you seen nothing but your story of what happened? When has a piece of a story gotten stuck in your eye? Mistakes? Imagine, all you see are the sins of those around you, the faults, the mistakes. The mirror shows illusion. It can make everything good or beautiful shrunk to nothing, while everything worthless and bad looks worse than ever.

Full of love and faith, what have you endured to save a friend? When has the love of a friend saved your soul, warmed the frozen parts of you?