Workshops: Personal and Spiritual Growth

The Devil, the Tower, and the Star
These Tarot cards reveal a pattern: Devil–contracts, stories we bind our life-force into. Tower—Old patterns become caging structures destroyed in fire. Star–unbound life-force, hope, and inspiration flows back.

Join us to explore your own Tower moments through discussion and ritual, and to look deeper at your old patterns, shadows, the fears that bind us, and the gifts hidden within the wounds. Your Tower falls–will you be lost in the ruins and embers, or will you embrace transformation to see unveiled light of the Star?

Return to the Root: Trance Journey
Join us for a Trance Journey going down the root, deep into the within; what holds you back? And returning back up the tree to the branches; what do you reach for? Together, through your own personal trance journey, each attendee will have the opportunity to release what no longer serves, and harness our own personal power. Will you become the hero of your own journey?

Chanting and moving is a powerful (and ancient) way of setting an intention, releasing what no longer serves, stepping into our power, healing, and raising energy. You don’t need to have any experience singing, drumming, or dancing to participate in this workshop. Join us to experience how the ecstatic energy of sound, rhythm, and movement is an ancient ritual we can all participate in. Will you bring your voice to the sacred singing bowl of community?

Claiming Your Heart’s Desire: Your Hero’s Journey
What will you risk to fulfill your Heart’s desire? The Solstice sun brightens, the moon wanes…a pulsation of emptying and filling…the Grail Quest, your Hero’s Journey. Through ritual, singing, and art-making we’ll ask, What is your personal magic, your dream? What stories and wounds hold you back?