My Cats

You might refer to Luna, Ziggy, and Valentine as “Team Knight” because they keep me sane and entertained. Or at least, as sane as I get.


IMG_20121012_151934aZiggy, AKA, Xiggoreth the Destroyer. Her other epithets include GroundSeal, Dirty Pony, and “ZiggyNoDon’tJumpOnThat.” Whenever I’m on a podcast, Ziggy is right there “assisting” me. By which I mean, she sees the microphone come out and somehow assumes that it must be time for pettings. Thus, I’ll be talking on a podcast and I have to aggressively pet her to keep her from rubbing her face on my microphone so it doesn’t shock and disconnect. Ziggy’s other helpful attributes include laying on my to do lists and paintings. With all this helping, it’s like having an assistant! Of course, I’m completely besotted with this cat, as you can probably tell by all the Youtube videos I have of her.



IMAG0147Valentine, AKA, Prince Valentine. I also sometimes call him Falcor, because he’s so soft, I imagine that’s what Falcor from the Neverending Story would feel like, plus he’s built long almost like a ferret. I just recently adopted him and he’s still integrating into the family, but he’s a very sweet boy. His sneak maneuver is trying to slither onto my lap while I’m laptopping. Very helpful!





DSC00066Luna, AKA, Lunamoth. She’s my sweet, cranky, 15 year old cat. Very hard to photograph, and she often looks grousy when I do. She does do a few adorable things, one is playing milk ring fetch when she feels the urge. Of course, this urge seems to arise about the time I’ve climbed into bed and turned out the light, and then she wanders around, yowling with the milk ring in her mouth.