Workshops: Leadership & Community Building

Awakening the Leader Within: Seeking the Grail of Transformative Leadership
Do you yearn for healthy community?
These workshops offer leadership training for community builders in alternative spirituality, grassroots, and other organizations. Both seasoned and potential leaders will learn tools in group dynamics, conflict resolution, communication, and growing sustainable communities.

Will you become the hero of your own journey? Empower yourself as a servant-leader. Through presentations, discussions, and experiential work, learn concrete skills as well as explore the gifts you bring to leadership, and the shadows that hold you back. Will you join us on the Grail Quest to awaken the leader within?

Become the Seeker, Shaman, and Sovereign: Serving Community


Keepers of the Flame: Community Building & Personal Spiritual Practice
Alternative spirituality groups face many challenges—power struggles, communities rising and falling, leadership burnout, drama, gossip, and more. How can we constructively look at problems and find ways to build healthy communities? How can we deepen our personal spiritual practice?

Whether you’re already group leader or new community, join us for discussion and experiential exercises to build sustainable communities and grow spiritually . We’ll explore tools including: communication, power, group structures, dynamics, hierarchy, boundaries, integrity, responsibility, conflict resolution, and more.

Together, we’ll connect to our personal power to inspire, heal, build, and lead. Will you join us to be ignited with vision and kindle the fire of community? Will you become a keeper of the Sacred Fire?


Power and Pagan Leadership: The Fire of Community
How do you build the kind of community you want to be in?
Pagan groups face many challenges—power struggles, burn out, drama, gossip, groups rising and falling, betrayal. How can we constructively look at problems and find ways to build healthy communities?

Whether you’re a seasoned leader or want to build or support healthy community, join us for discussion and experiential exercises to learn tools to build sustainable communities. We’ll explore tools including communication, group structures, and dynamics, hierarchy, boundaries, needs, integrity, conflict resolution and responsibility for impact.

Together, we’ll connect to our personal power and charisma to heal, to build, and to inspire ourselves—and our groups–to a vision of the future. Will stand in your power as a leader and servant of the tribe, and tend the fires of community


Underworld Shadows: Advanced Skills for Community Builders and Leaders
Cernunnos, the Horned One…his is the magic of Life and Death, culling that the cycle of life may continue. He is a guide to the Underworld where our shadows, and those of our communities, await. What shadows must you face to grow healthy community?

Many Pagan communities find themselves in crisis; leaders burn out, groups explode in drama or fade away. We’ll discuss uncomfortable issues that come up in groups, such as destructive rumors and abuse, personal conflicts, power struggles, toxic personalities, and stagnation. It’s often easier to avoid the issue, gossip/complain, or ban someone, than to deal with conflict in a healthy way. We’ll address tools of effective communication, useful feedback, mediation, and facing our own shadows that may contribute to group conflicts. If you follow a call to serve community, please join us to learn community skills and rekindle your fire of inspiration!


Community Building: Using Astrology for Group Dynamics
Do you yearn for healthy community? This workshop offers tools to explore dynamics within groups using the 12 signs of the Astrological wheel. Whether you are a long-time leader or aspiring group member, and whether you’re familiar with astrology or brand new to the Zodiac, join us to explore the twelve signs. Within each of the signs, our human needs are represented. Learn magical and mundane tools for reducing conflicts, addressing power dynamics, improving communication, and becoming stronger leaders. Will you join us on the wheel of the Zodiac to grow sustainable communities?


Power and Structure in Groups
Who has power in this group? Who’s in charge?
Power struggles. Hierarchy. Empowerment. Power sharing. These words are not contradictions—power describes energy and how it moves through a group. It describes who has the ability to take an action, who has the power to make a choice about the direction of a group and how it’s run.

It’s not just who is making the decisions, it’s also who is doing the work. How does power move in your group? Are you a hierarchy, a consensus, or does leadership rotate each month? Bring your questions and stories of functional and dysfunctional groups.


Words of Power: Skills for Communication and Magic
Do you believe that words have power?
How do you invoke the element of Air? Do you breathe it in? Join us to honor Air–the element that surrounds us, but is invisible and can be seen only through its impact. We will work with Air by embodying the element and exploring tools of compassionate communication. Learn to use elemental magic in your daily life through sacred speech. These tools can help you in your personal magical practice as well as help you work with family, friends, and coworkers. Together we can heal ourselves and our communities one word at a time. We’ll address different elemental communication styles, our stories and how we perceive what’s going on around us, I-referencing and Nonviolent communication, and direct communication.


Leadership: Boundaries, Communication, and Groups
When the moon is full, the light spills out past its edges. Who are you? Where are your edges? This is the essence of boundaries. Many difficulties in small groups can be connected to poor boundaries and communication.

When do you pressure people to say yes? When are you afraid to say no? Your boundaries, and the boundaries of others in your group, affect the health of the group. Using the cycle of the moon, we’ll work with ways to improve healthy boundaries and communication to inspire more sustainable groups.


Facilitation & Enchantment: Leading Workshops, Discussions, Meetings, & More
Learn tools for facilitating small, medium, and large sessions. Techniques  focus on teaching workshops; we’ll also apply them to small/intensive groups, meetings, or rituals. Learn to: structure a session, effectively use experiential exercises, address multiple learning styles, make space for deep emotional work, improve presence and speaking, build community, hold attention, and gracefully keep things on time. Join us to become a better presenter and keep a group enchanted!


Standing in Sunlight:  Enchantment, Charisma, and Power in Leadership and Ritual
To be a leader, ritualist, speaker, or teacher, you must step into your power. But how do you enchant a group? How do you learn to shine the light of the sun? As leaders, we gather radiance, brilliance, personal power, and be willing to be visible…we sacrifice invisibility, unethical behavior, powerlessness, egotism.

Part one will focus on practical facilitation tools with a focus on engaging presence and charisma to connect to the group. Part two is a ritual/experiential work to step into our personal power and practice techniques.