Coming Soon

What books am I working on and when are things coming out? Though I travel and teach a lot, I’ve always got a few (dozen) irons in the fire. Here are my fiction and nonfiction books that are on the horizon.


A Winter Knight’s Silence

Lily travels to England to research music but manages to squeeze in a brief spiritual pilgrimage. Like a knight seeking the Grail, she wants to find out what has been calling to her soul throught her life. In the silent snow, Lily climbs the twisted path of the moonlit mound of Glastonbury Tor and is shocked to see firelight and the entrance to a cave that shouldn’t exist

He stands before her, hips clad in leather, antlers crowning his head. The Horned One. Without a word, he pulls her into his arms. What will a primal night with the Horned God bring? When he vanishes, Lily desperately seeks an ancient magic through her music. Will she be able to part the veil between the worlds to find him again?

A Golden Heart of Glass

Angel moved to the SpiralStone retreat center as an intern. She never intended to consecrate to the goddess Aphrodite or to give in to her desires with a man who breaks her heart. In the aftermath, though, her broken heart only seems to bring more strange magic into her life. Then she meets Ben.

Having lost his wife years ago, and with his own leg damaged from a vicious attack, Ben is fairly jaded. Though he’s a blacksmith and jeweler he resists devoting himself to Hephaestus, the lamed god of the forge. As things heat up between Ben and Angel they begin to attract the monsters in a world beneath the surface of what they know. Will they heal from their pasts? Accepting their own magic may be the only way to save themselves from the creatures coming after them…

Until She Wakes From Sleep

Book Two of the Roses Rising

Adalia has just gotten her life back together when things start to get weird fast. She has just started a new job and at her first conference she meets Kieran who is sexy enough to distract her. When a strange creature tries to kill her with fire magic she thinks she’s going crazy. Kieran has been alone for decades. A dragon shifter, he has tried to use his abilities to help people unlike others in his family. When he meets Adalia he finds himself enraptured by her, only to discover that there are cthonic creatures after her. He does his best to protect her without revealing his own powers, but as things escalate, he realizes his own formidable magic may not be enough to save her. An ancient magic begins to resurface and an old curse from the original Sleeping Beauty is hunting Adalia down. Can she awaken her own magic before it’s too late? Can Kieran–a dragon–become the knight who will save her from the curse in her family line?


Facilitation Handbook: From Fear of Speaking to Enchanting a Group

Many people are afraid of public speaking. Still many others teach workshops or give presentations and have no idea how to make their work engaging. Many people are envious of how effortless it seems for some charismatic facilitators. The truth is, there are a lot of nuts and bolts logistics to good facilitation that can make any presentation or workshop better. We’ll explore basics of public speaking as well as the myriad logistics that most facilitators aren’t taking into account. How big is the room? How comfortable are people? Are there distracting sounds? How long do you have? What agreements for behavior need to be articulated? We’ll also explore the often mysterious characteristics of charisma and ways that any of us can learn to enchant a group.