I write articles on a number of different topics including articles on fiction, on professional skills for creatives, metaphysical, spiritual, and personal growth topics, Paganism, leadership, facilitation, and more.

Here are some places I regularly blog:

Below are articles published other places.

Nonfiction: Professional Skills for Writers, Artists, and Facilitators

BiblioSmiles: Public Speaking and Building a Platform (Article is also included in the anthology Muse Camp Inspired)

Author Entrepreneur: Charisma and Authenticity: Leadership, Public Speaking, and Building an Author Platform

Author Entrepreneur: Tracking Submissions and Other Writing Deadlines

Erotica Readers and Writers Association: Language, Sound, and Word Choice in Your Fiction

Savvy Authors: Graphic Design Series


Anthologies (Pagan and Metaphysical)

Articles (Pagan and Metaphysical)

Between the Worlds Magazine

  • The Endless Cup: What Have I Given My Heart To?  July 2006
  • Desire and Yearning July 2007

Heartland Spirit

  • Leadership Excellence Oct. 2009
  • Art of Ritual  January & February 2010

Circle Magazine

  • Confidence in Facilitation: Using the Magical Feather Issue 102
  • Mysteries of the Grail: The Knight, the Priestess, and the King Issue 104, Fall 2009
  • Healing the Earth Issue 116

Circle Magazine: Ritual Articles

  • Raising the Sacred Fire:  How to Build and Move Energy in Ritual Issue 105 Winter 2009
  • Urban Ecstatic Ritual Issue 112 
  • Ritual Design & Facilitation: The Shaman as Ritualist Issue 113
  • Authenticity in Ritual Issue 113
  • Authenticity in Ritual: Going Deeper Issue 114
  • Ritual Design & Facilitation: Ritual Bling and Magical Mood-Setting  Issue 114
  • Ritual Design & Facilitation: Chanting that Works Issue 115
  • Ritual Design & Facilitation: Managing Complicated Logistics Issue 117
  • Ritual Design & Facilitation: Coping with Ritual Disasters Issue 118
  • Ritual Design & Facilitation: Accessibility, Learning Modalities, and Logistics Issue 119


Sacred Hoop Embodiment and Ecstasis Issue 85 Sept 2014

Global Goddess Oracle

Temet Nosce

Edge Magazine

Other Magazines


Articles About Writing Romance