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While you can certainly send me a message on Facebook (via my profile or any of my pages), those often get lost especially when I’m traveling a lot. I recommend sending along an email to ShaunaAura (at) Gmail (dot) com. I don’t always get back to people fast, but I do my best.

Also, you can sign up for one of my newsletters to get occasional updates. For all of my newsletters you’ll get updates on relevant book releases, articles, and related appearances. You’ll also get access to freebies like short stories, articles, and eBooks.

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Get updates on new book releases and articles related to my fantasy, urban fantasy, paranormal romance, and other fiction-related work.

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Get updates on book releases and articles on leadership, facilitating workshops and rituals, and personal growth . My work in this area is informed by my spiritual/Pagan/metaphysical/holistic roots.

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Leadership and Consulting Newsletter:

Get updates on new books, articles, and presentations on leadership, facilitation, public speaking, event planning, graphic design, and other creativity work. Resources here are less “woo-woo” and more for authors, artists, and independent/grassroots creative professionals.

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