Support & Services

Particularly with my nonfiction writing and as a traveling teacher, I have done a lot of work for free, or even paid out of my own pocket. When I blog or write articles, I don’t typically get paid for that work, nor when my work is include din a nonfiction anthology. Over the past years I’ve tried to offer workshops on leadership and related topics on a sliding scale which often means I travel maybe for gas money, if that. I’ve paid my own travel costs to teach workshops, and that’s no longer sustainable for me.

These days I’m trying to make more opportunities for people to financially support my work in diverse ways, because if I’m making money, that means I have the time to keep writing and keep teaching on topics of leadership, facilitation, and personal growth. If I don’t, I have to focus my time on work that pays the bills. I want to continue making this work available to everyone, not just the wealthy, but I also need to make money doing it if I’m going to focus my time on it.

There are some pretty easy ways to support my leadership and facilitation work:

  • You can buy my books, of course. And buying hardcopies directly from me puts more money in my pocket, and I’m prone to throwing in freebies like postcards of my artwork too. Just contact me if you’d like to buy direct.
  • You can buy artwork from me. I am available for commissions, and I take payment plans for the larger paintings, message me if interested.
  • You can also just donate money on a sliding scale–in essence, a voluntary payment for my work.
  • You can pay me to teach at an event or for your organization.

If you like my blog posts or articles, if you’ve ever attended one of my workshops at a free event, if you’ve enjoyed any of my videos on Youtube or my podcasts, you can send money along via Paypal (ShaunaAura (at) RingingAnvil (dot) org) in whatever amount works for you, or via one of the options on my Square site. If you’re more old school and want to send a check or money order just contact me at shaunaaura (at) gmail (dot) com and I’ll get you the appropriate information.

Work For Hire

I do a bunch of different things as a paid consultant including graphic design, marketing consulting, and helping people declutter, organize, and sort their houses. But all of that takes away from the time I can focus on writing and teaching, so I limit how much of that type of work I do.

Here’s information about things you can hire me to do, including teaching workshops, leadership consulting, design consulting, and more.

Teaching Workshops
I’m available to teach workshops, lead rituals, and to work with individual groups to assist with community building. Workshops and intensives include topics such as Pagan leadership and community building and how to facilitate powerful and transformative rituals, as well as in-depth personal and spiritual growth work through exploring myth and story, as well as esoteric tools like dreamwork or Tarot. Check out my Workshops page to learn more.

Leadership Consulting
Often at festivals and conferences after teaching a leadership workshop, I can be found meeting with people one-on-one to discuss difficulties they are having in their groups. You can engage me to discuss issues of group dynamics, power in groups, leadership development, or discuss application of techniques for facilitating ritual one-on-one. I am also available to travel to your community to offer mediations, facilitate a board meeting as a neutral party, or facilitate other customized community building classes or healing rituals for your community.

I like to be financially negotiable about traveling to teach while also having the opportunity to be paid for my time. Contact me to discuss what a reasonable fee might be to have me teach for your group.

Painting and creating art is one of my primary methods of spiritual expression, and many of my art pieces have worked for people as a spiritual focus or something for an altar. You can see some of my paintings on my portfolio, and I also do custom work on consignment. I love working with people to create a painting of a totem or deity, or painting something of spiritual significance on a coat or other piece of clothing. I also do mural-sized pieces of deities or other inspirational images.

Design Consulting
I’m also a graphic designer and artist. If you’re interested in hiring me for design work, it’s easier to send you over to my design portfolio so you can see my work and get a sense for the services I offer and the prices I charge.

Professional Consulting
I also do various types of consulting such as facilitating creativity sessions, leadership and public speaking workshops, and offering marketing strategy and usability consulting. I can also be engaged to help plan grassroots events, design scenery for themed events, or plan an elaborate art installation. Check out my consulting page on my design portfolio to learn more.