Workshops: Esoterica

Esoterica: Tools of Ancient Wisdom
Would you walk the path of the sage, the seeker, the wizard, the priestess, the alchemist?

We will explore the ancient arts of divination, Tarot, Chakras, Astrology, Alchemy, Kabballah, Runes, Dreamwork, Shamanic Journeywork, and more. These are the “Secret Traditions” of the enlightened masters, shamans, and adepts of the past.

New seekers will learn foundations of these systems; intermediate and advanced seekers will have an opportunity to work through experiential exercises to deepen their knowledge or practice working with the tool. Step onto the path of the seeker and learn tools to explore consciousness, spirituality, metaphysics, and the secret symbols of the Universe.


Your dreams are a powerful ally in your spiritual journey. Learn tools to use your dreams as part of your personal magical practice. We’ll cover the basics—tools to help remember your dreams, and learn tools of interpretation to unravel their meaning. We will practice a group Dream Circle where we tell each other our dreams and help one another work out the meanings in a non-judgmental way. Finally, we will review different spells involving dreamwork including the dream incubation rituals of several cultures to aid us in crafting our own ritual to seek an answer to a question.

Lost Knowledge, Ancient Mysteries
What do stone circles, pyramids, geometry, and astrology have to do with building community? In this workshop we’ll explore some of the complex and simple meanings of ancient megaliths and esoterica. Together we’ll discuss how much of the ancient magic—and ancient technology—we take for granted. How is ancient magic and lost knowledge reflected in current Pagan rituals? How can we reinvigorate our communities and rituals with an understanding of this lost knowledge? Join us to unlock the ancient mysteries!


Experiential Elements
Through trance & experiential work, we explore each of the elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth, and Center that holds them all. This is a good workshop for new seekers, as well as for experienced seekers looking to deepen your relationship to the elements.


Discovering, Connecting, and Dedicating to Deities, Spirits, and Allies
Through discussion, trance, and experiential work, new seekers will gain assistance finding a patron deity or pantheon. Intermediate and experienced spiritual seekers will learn ways to connect more deeply to deities, spirits, and other allies.


Energy Centers: Chakras, Cauldrons, and the World Tree
Many cultures work with the energy centers of the body, particularly the line of energy along our spine to the crown of our head. Probably the most well known system is the Chakras, though the three Celtic Cauldrons are another similar energy modality. Both of these interweave with the shamanic World Tree, and even with the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Through experiential exercises, trance journeys, and discussion, we’ll explore these energy centers within ourselves and learn to work with our own energy for healing, transformation, and understanding the world around us.

Experiential of Tarot
Have you ever wanted to understand Tarot, but reading books just doesn’t seem to get you there?

This class will go over the basics of Tarot, from the structure of the deck, elemental associations, numerology, and deepening your connection to the archetypes. Together we’ll look at each card in the deck and discuss the general associations, as well as teach tools to intuit your individual deck.  The class will close with a ritual to experience and embody the archetypes of the cards and work with them on a deeper level.

The class is an excellent resource whether you’ve just picked up your first deck, or if you’ve had a Tarot book for years and haven’t been able to get through it, or if you’ve picked up bits and pieces of Tarot but want a solid overview to bring the pieces together.

Sessions will include multi-sensorial exercises, discussion, and presentation of philosophies and materials to help you begin to read connect to the cards with confidence.


Advanced Archetypes: Tarot
Learn how to deepen your relationship with this ancient tool. We will work with Tarot Rituals, learning to use the Tarot to structure rituals, Tarot for magic and spellwork. Use Tarot for personal or group spells.  Healing. Use your deck for energy healing and meditations. Reiki and Chakras are used similarly, learn how to effect healing with the tool of Tarot. Intuition and Story. Connect to the cards without the need for books, astrology correspondences, or knowledge of occult symbols. Learn to see the magic inside each card, and tell its story. Also learn tools of numerology with Tarot that can help you figure out what a card might mean based on a number set. Oracling. Speak in the voice of the cards by learning to connect deeply through meditation and trance to the cards. Tarot for Personal Growth. Tarot is a tool of divination as well as a system useful for personal and spiritual growth. Culminate your knowledge of the Tarot with a powerful spell of your own personal growth, reflecting your past and future paths, to help you step into the practitioner you wish to become.

Sessions will include multi-sensorial exercises, discussion, and presentation of philosophies and materials to help you step into the next level. Whether you desire to read professionally, to use Tarot as a personal magical tool, or to augment your skills as a ritual artist or magical practitioner this series of workshops will hold something for you.

Experiential Astrology
We use this tool exploring the heavens for prediction of our future, but also of exploring ourselves through deepening self-knowledge through the 12 signs and houses of the Zodiac. The first half of the workshop will be an overview of one system of Astrology, with the second half devoted to experiential exercises, trancework, and roleplay to more deeply understand the signs.