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These are blogs and online magazines where I’m quoted or where my work has been featured. You can also read direct quotes from people who have been positively impacted by my workshops and rituals.

John Halstead feature, “Five Ritualists I’d like to invite to dinner”

“Shauna Aura Knight is one such ritualist who has both the technique and the spiritual juice.  Shauna teaches workshops on ritual and group dynamics….Shauna’s rituals are ecstatic.  They are designed to get the Talking Self out of the way so the the Younger Self can connect with the Deep Self — in other words, using non-discursive and non-didactic means to to connect to what is most sacred within us.  Ecstatic ritual is about connection: connection with the divine, connection with other people, connection with your own body and deepest Self.”

Kerri Connor, “Raising Your Voice to the Divine,” Circle Magazine Issue 110 Fall 2011

“Shauna was able to take a group of strangers and give them the confidence to sing in front of each other. It didn’t matter if we were slightly off key or out of rhythm; we became one with our voices and were able to put aside our own insecurities to chant together as a group. People lowered their boundaries and inhibitions enough to put themselves out there for everyone else to hear….within a few minutes our voices lifted as our confidence did.”

Paul Herrick, “PSG Memories: Main Ritual 2010” Circle Magazine Winter 2010

“Shauna had me hold the globe above my head, and above the crowd, so that people could see it while the chanting was going on.  From the moment that all eyes turned on me I could feel the attention and energy that was pressing on the globe, and by extension, me.  Some people described the nebulous energies of magic as being electrifying or warm, but this was pure pressure, pure weight, as peoples’ attention poured into the globe.  It was at that point that Shauna whispered to me that I should walk around the circle. It was a surreal thing carrying that globe through the circle.  Hundreds of Pagans in trance locked in their attention on the globe and chanting for the healing of the Earth.  Many reached up in reverence to touch the globe as I passed by them, seeing the living image of Mother Earth….As I walked, the globe itself became heavier and heavier and a low vibration came from my hands down to my feet.  I had inadvertently filled the role of Atlas, bearing the sphere of the heavens on my shoulders.  I walked several circuits of the ritual space with the Earth on my shoulders and between the chanting and the energy swirling around; it was all I could do to center myself and walk forward.”

Tim Titus’s blog, Intersections and Circles

Article Published in “Water,” the Pagan Educational Network newsletter, Volume 18, Issue 4, August 2011, P. 17
Review: Chrysalis Moon 2011 Festival by Magical Media ( )

“The Main Ritual was simply the most beautiful ceremony I’ve ever witnessed….the Main Ritual featured spectacular altars representing the elements and spirit, placed beneath a canopy of trees resembling an ancient cathedral.  Fairy lights twinkled around the bases of the trees, reflecting from the elaborate altars. Participants assembled in a “cauldron” formation, rather than a traditional circle, with the reinforcing the goals of inclusion and community….It was truly a marvelous ritual….Shauna also presented several valuable workshops, including “Pagan Leadership and Community Building,” which featured discussion and exercises geared toward overcoming problems and building healthy communities.”


Taylor Ellwood

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