Excerpt: The Truth Upon Her Lips

The Truth Upon Her Lips

Sonya has always seen glimpses of the future. When she almost dies in a car accident, she wonders why she didn’t foresee it. Sexy EMT Kade Sinclaire drives her home and things instantly heat up between them. Kade manages to hide that he’s a Shapeshifter yet hopes that Sonya might accept a wereleopard as a mate. Sonya finds herself wrapped up in Shifter conflicts and Faerie curse magic as she uncovers a plot within the company she’s working for. Will she give into her feelings for Kade? Can Kade and his clan fight off a powerful Faerie Lord before Sonya gets killed? And can Sonya unravel her Truthspeaking magic before it drives her mad?


Sonya straightened up and backed right into Kade.

He let out a surprised groan as her backside collided with his erection. Kade would have pulled back but she let out a soft little sound. Almost a gasp, not quite a moan. He leaned into her, drawing his hand to her waist so he could pull her flush against him, and she leaned her head back against him. Her chest rose and fell as she panted.

Rumbling a low growl, he leaned his head to her neck, letting his breath brush across her and she shuddered. He skimmed his hand just beneath her silk top, caressing the soft flesh of her belly, and she pushed back against him, letting out a soft sigh. He took a breath in, loving how her scent deepened, sweetened. She was already wet for him and he hadn’t even touched her.

Kade blew across her neck again and then kissed her there. Sonya reached up a hand to thread her fingers through his hair and he was suddenly glad he had let it grow out a little. He kissed her neck again and she tugged him closer, letting out a whimper, and that did him in.

Spinning her in his arms so she faced him, Kade claimed her lips. He wanted to go slower, savor her. He was too wild, and then she kissed him back just as fiercely and he was lost. He dipped his fingers to grip her ass and haul her against him, grinding his cock against the juncture of her thighs. Sonya let out a ragged gasp and kissed him back hard, lifting one thigh up over his waist. Damn, the woman was sexy.

He began pushing her cami-top up over her bra and she shrugged out of it. Slipping his fingers in, he began teasing her nipples while he thrust against her pussy in an agony of friction. “Yes,” she cried out, arching back up against him, biting his lip.

With a snarl he un-did her bra one-handed and spun her around so that she was leaning against the table. He pushed her short black skirt up over her hips and she moaned, reaching back to pull him against her. He unbuckled his jeans while she shoved her panties down.

“Oh, yeah,” he murmured, caressing her while he worked her underwear out of the way before he dragged the head of his cock against her slick entrance. For hours now he’d been imagining how she’d feel.

“Please,” she gasped, and he groaned as he slowly pushed into her. Kade knew his cock was thick so he tried to take it slow. She was tight like a fist around him. He could tell when he hit her sweet spot because she let out a ragged scream. He was surprised when she pulled him against her roughly, bucking back.

When he was hilted in her he let out a satisfied groan and thrust again. “That ok?” he asked. Sonya mewled and pushed back hard when he thrust inside her again, and he leaned down to whisper against her neck. “Do you need it hard, baby?”

“Yes,” she panted, and he bucked his hips against her. She braced her hands against the table and he drove in deeper.

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