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Tristan2Spicy Excerpt

“I didn’t want you to think I was creeping on you.”

“Why would I think that?” Amber drew her knees up onto the love seat, hugging her arms around herself. It was all she could do to not lean over to where he was so warm next to her. She practically had to sit on her hands to keep from reaching over to him, touching that hot skin of his.

Tristan took a deep breath. “Because I wanted you.”

Amber almost felt a sense of vertigo. She was dimly aware of Dawn, Jack, and Star across the room talking, but she found herself turning to face Tristan fully.

He caressed her cheek and her eyes fluttered. She couldn’t stifle the swift intake of breath, her whole lower core clenching in lust. He blinked, his mouth opened in surprise. “Oh,” was all he could say.

Amber blushed, and he stroked his hand down her arm. She stiffened a little, trying not to display too much pleasure at being touched but not able to keep from leaning into it a bit, sucking in her breath.

“You’re really … you … are tense, huh?”

Amber looked away, then looked back at him, realizing he was still staring at her. “Yeah. Sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, sweetheart, just … I didn’t know it was that bad.” He smiled. “You were giving me weird signals.” She shuddered as his hand passed across her neck and it was all she could do not to pounce on him.

“Stop it,” she gasped. “Weird signals, because we shouldn’t.”

“Let’s go talk about it, all right?”

Tristan moved closer to her and a soft sound left the back of her throat. He saw her pupils dilate. He leaned in and she put a hand down on his thigh. She couldn’t let them see her. The other three were over in the kitchen, but they might see.

“Not … not here. Not with them.”

He blinked and looked over, then nodded. “Right.” He stroked down her back where the others wouldn’t be able to see and she bit her lip, squirming down onto the couch a little.

“Mmm, stop that.”

“Then come with me,” he murmured, and stood, pulling her with him.

“Where are we going?”

“My cabin.” Amber followed along with her hand in his, and once they were out of sight of the main room, Tristan pulled her closer. “Because we obviously need to talk about this.”

She nodded, too turned on to speak coherently. He caressed her neck and she gasped again. He saw her whole abdomen clench and he muttered an oath under his breath, leaning in toward her. Her breath quickened, and he threaded his hands into her hair, tugging gently at the nape of her neck. When Amber’s eyes fluttered closed and she leaned into his body, Tristan kissed her hard and deep. She made that soft sound in the back of her throat and he kissed her deeper, growling.

Immediately, he pulled back, dragging her toward the doorway and across the yard to the single-room cabin where the fire was already lit.

Tristan shut the door behind him and she turned to him, unable to keep from touching him any longer. She’d wanted him too long, been lonely for too long. Amber ran her hands up his arms, gripping his shoulders, and then he growled again and took her lips, lapping and sucking and delving.

She cried out and threaded her fingers into his hair. He reached around to pull her to him and she felt the hard line of him against her belly. It was hot to know how much he wanted her after so many months desiring him. How had she missed that he was interested?

Unable to stop panting as he kissed down her cheek, she kept rubbing against him and he groaned in response, gripping her ass. Tristan slid a hand up to her front, thumbing her nipple through her shirt and bra and she came unglued, digging her nails into his shoulders, fitting his cock into the juncture of her thighs to get some pressure where she wanted it, right where she was plump and slick with need. She attacked his mouth with hers.

He tugged her over to the couch, pulling her astride him and she moaned, rocking down against him while he made love to her mouth, still teasing at her breasts. She ground down onto him and he slipped a hand into her pants to grip her ass. She bit his lip and he laughed, then nipped and sucked at her neck until she was squirming.

“Fuck, girl,” he gasped, unbuttoning her shirt. Amber leaned back a bit to give him access, and then his eyes were all for her breasts, cupped in the lacy cream colored bra. She pulled his head closer to her and he tore down the straps to get at her, sucking on the hard bud as she cried out, pressing down onto him hard where both of them were still clothed.

“More, please, more,” she begged, pulling his head to her. How many nights had she imagined him doing this to her?

All at once he surged up, her legs went around his waist in reaction, and he carried her to the bed, dropping her onto the soft feather bedding. She lay there and he stripped off his own shirt, and she moved to unbutton her pants. He tugged them right down her hips until she was bared to him. He unbuckled his kilt and let it fall away, then leaned over her, kissing her again until she cried aloud. He slipped a hand down to her core, finding her slippery and he growled, leaning his head down into her neck in reaction.

WinterKnightsVigilCoverA Winter Knight’s Vigil

Sexy, kilt-wearing Tristan has captured Amber’s attention on many occasions. But as members of the Kingsword coven, which has strict rules about intimate relationships inside the circle, dating him is out of the question. When the coven heads to a secluded woodland cabin to celebrate the Winter Solstice, Amber finds herself closer than ever to Tristan. As the Longest Night approaches and their group’s ritual workings intensify, the pair realizes that they can no longer hide from their feelings.

Just as King Arthur held vigil before being knighted, Tristan and Amber face their shadows—and the realization that one or both of them might have to leave the coven. Or can they be together without breaking their honor?

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