Excerpt – Werewolves with Chocolate

Werewolves with Chocolate

Jake and Kyle have big plans for Ellie. The three of them will be celebrating their first Valentine’s Day together, and the two werewolves have prepared a feast of chocolates, fruits, and desserts to seduce her. After several busy weeks Ellie’s looking forward to a relaxing weekend with her mates; their pent up lust boils within her blood. However, when an injured werewolf shows up on their doorstep, the three have to deal with pack politics on the most romantic weekend of the year. Sex and chocolate had been in the plans, but now the mix includes a pissed off werewolf pack and the threat of war with enemy wolves. Will the dangers of the shifter underworld force them apart?



Excerpt from Werewolves with Chocolate:

Ellie let out a low moan as she walked along the sidewalk. It was only two blocks from the bus stop to the apartment, but she was so swollen, so achy. Her clit was hard enough that the friction of walking made her want to scream. She resisted reaching a hand into her pants. A few good rubs and she’d go off right there.

She really hoped Jake and Kyle were as pent up as she was, because she needed them fiercely.

February in Minneapolis meant hip-deep snow. She was lucky the sidewalk was as shoveled as it was. Sometimes the campus practically required snow pants. Though despite the frigid temperature, she didn’t seem to be cooling down at all.

With a whimper, she made it into the apartment doorway. The porch wasn’t ever locked but the inner door was and she fumbled for her keys. She was sweating, but her fingers were numb.

The door opened and Kyle swept her into his arms for a scorching kiss. She felt him growling and realized she was making a soft, desperate sound, practically climbing him. Jake closed the door, then ended up behind her. He bit the back of her neck and she almost came right there.

“Bedroom,” she rasped.

“Oh no, beautiful. We have surprises for you first.” Kyle set her down.

“Surprises?” She asked, trying to pull Kyle back to her.

Jake turned her around to kiss her. “Welcome home, sweetheart.”

“I missed you.” She threaded her fingers through his long dark hair and he laughed when she tried undoing his pants.

“We created a monster.”

He looked into her eyes and she found herself staring, as always. Jake had the best eyelashes, so dark he looked like he was wearing eyeliner. She had told him once she was jealous of his eyelashes.

Jake captured her hands and drew her into the living room. She blinked; they’d lit candles, and the two of them had filled an entire coffee table full of chocolates and fruits. “Wow. What’s all this?”

They both looked at her with what she privately thought of as their confused wolf look.

Kyle spoke first. “It’s Valentine’s Day, silly.”

“We know the holiday that’s a big deal for human women.”

“We were expressly told not to forget it.”

Her brows furrowed. “That’s not until next week though.”

“Well. You’ll be in school and at the lab, and we all have the next two days off. So we thought we’d make you a few treats.”

Ellie bit back a groan. Trust the wolves to not get that it was the actual date most people found to be important. She didn’t mind their enthusiasm, but she had prepared a surprise of her own for the holiday and it wasn’t ready yet. She had gone shopping to buy lingerie weeks ago and had asked her friend in the University theatrical costume department to make her a costume to go with it. She had hoped to tease them into a puddle of desire for Valentine’s Day.

Well, it looked like they would get to celebrate twice at this rate.

Jake pulled her red wool coat off and then Kyle drew her down to the huge purple velvet couch. When they had moved to Minneapolis last fall, Jake had procured the couch on Craigslist and the two of them hauled it up the stairs…and then they’d promptly ravished her on it. Ever since then Ellie had learned to leave a throw blanket on the couch that was easily thrown in the wash. She was nothing if not practical.

“Let’s get you warmed up and show you our delectable selection.” They sat on either side of her, Jake warming up her hands with his while Kyle brought forth a platter of chocolate-dipped strawberries.

“I think you need one of these.” Kyle brought one to her lips.

Ellie moaned, biting into the fruit. They really were going to torture her like this.

“Come on.” Jake pulled off her scarf and Kyle fed her another. She licked the dark chocolate off her lips. “Is it good?”

She let out a sigh of bliss. “You know it’s amazing.”

“Yeah, but we like to hear you say it.” Kyle pulled her sweater off and Ellie tried to climb onto his lap.

“Not so fast. You haven’t tried the truffles yet.”


“Of course there are truffles. We wouldn’t give you cheap candy box chocolate.”

“Nope. You get the real thing.”

“You two are so sweet.” Nobody had ever done anything this nice for her. She felt tears welling up in her eyes.

“Ah, crap. Did we do something wrong?” Kyle asked, giving her that searching look.

“No, it’s perfect.” When she kissed him he groaned and she managed to maneuver herself onto his lap. She felt Jake pulling her jeans off and she helped him by wriggling until he’d dragged most of her clothing from her body. She started unbuttoning Kyle’s shirt and Jake shrugged one suspender off his shoulder. Ellie turned and pulled the other one down, and Jake stripped his shirt off.

Kyle finished unbuttoning his shirt and Ellie helped him pull it off while Jake slipped her panties down. Jake hauled her onto his lap, her back facing his front. She arched back against him and he grunted, then he spread her thighs. “Now, we want to have a treat too.”

Kyle’s eyes glowed golden as he lifted a bowl of warm chocolate from the table and began drizzling it over her.

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