Excerpt: A Fading Amaranth

FadingAmaranthCover_Small A Fading Amaranth

Nathaniel’s been a vampire long enough to grow weary of glamoured seduction, and he’s lost his poetic muse. He meets reclusive artist Alexandra—her telepathy has overwhelmed her for years, and she can bear no one’s touch. However, she can’t hear Nathaniel’s thoughts, and she’s immune to his vampire glamour. During scorching nights together, they rediscover their passion for life.

When a Faerie creature stalks Alexandra, the lovers find themselves snared in a paranormal battle alongside Chicago’s mage guardians. Worse, Nathan’s rising bloodlust places Alexandra in danger. Will she master her abilities before going insane? What will they risk to be together?

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Alexandra’s psychic abilities mean that she hasn’t been able to withstand any human touch for a decade. And then she meets Nathaniel….


“Alexandra,” he growled. The bouquet of roses fell from her hands to spill onto the floor.

Her whole body shivered at his touch, flashes of hot and cold running across her skin. Then he kissed her again, softly at first, but then pressing against her. Long, deep strokes of his tongue had her going liquid with desire, and he rumbled a rough, approving sound against her lips. His mouth moved down to her throat, and he panted roughly against her sensitized skin.

Gasping, she leaned against him, threading her fingers through his soft dark hair. Then she tugged at his white shirt under his suit jacket. She wanted to feel his flesh; she was sure she’d never wanted to touch anyone this badly before. Nathan leaned her against the wall and bent his head to her neck, scenting her in the most intoxicating way before he sucked at the soft flesh beneath her ear, his hands reaching down to cup her ass and tug her against him.

She cried out, and he claimed her lips again, groaning when she tried to push harder against him. The hard ridge of his cock pressed into her mound and she wanted him, wanted to feel him. He let out a hoarse rumble as his fingers slipped the hem of her skirt up her thigh.

“Yes,” she gasped. He’d lit a hunger in her for skin, for sensation. She wanted to feel all of his skin at once. A wildness built inside her. Alexandra felt his desire coiling through his body in a way that made her even hungrier for him. Unable to resist, she draped her thigh around his waist, and he nipped her lower lip in response. He pulled back a little, panting.

“Sweetheart, sorry if I’m going too fast—”

“Don’t stop. Please.” Alexandra pulled his lips back to hers, her tongue teasing at his, and he let out a primal snarl. Her polite, deferential lover became demanding and fierce, and she couldn’t hold back the sound as his fingers finally caressed her where she’d been craving his touch. She was so slick for him already, and she wanted more. When his fingers began to tease beneath her panties, she let out a strangled moan.

Just before her knees buckled, he reached an arm around her waist to pull her against him with a groan. “You are driving me mad, woman. A saint would not have the patience to hold back with you.”

“So don’t hold back. I want you. Please.”

“Don’t most women want…well, foreplay?” He gave her a confused look.

“I don’t need foreplay…I’ve wanted you all night. And—I haven’t had sex in ten years,” she blurted out in a rush.

His eyebrows lifted. “Oh my.”


“It’s all right, sweet.” He stroked her again, slipping his fingers inside her panties along the seam of her pussy. She cried out at the intensity of the sensation, arching into his hand. “I just want to make sure it’s good for you. I’m not used to making love like this. Without my vampire abilities. Normally I could sense exactly what you wanted.” Nathaniel nibbled on her neck and began circling her clit in a way that had her shaking.

“You’re…don’t worry. It’s good. Oh….” Alexandra thrust against his fingers, trembling. She had never been this needy; she ached to feel him inside her.

“Good,” he groaned, sucking on her neck hard and quickening his strokes.

“More,” she gasped, trying to drive onto his fingers so that he’d penetrate her.

Instead he swept her up into his arms. “Your bedchamber then, my lady. Where is it?” He looked up, taking in the grand entrance of the marble foyer and the stairs.

“Upstairs.” She began unbuttoning his shirt, and he grinned. The sight of his fangs sent a thrill through her. He bounded up the stairs in a way that demonstrated his preternatural strength, then he dropped her onto the big four-poster bed that was probably older even than he was.

“Tell me you want me,” he said, panting.

She pulled him to her, and he growled with that sexy, deep, inhuman sound that made her even hotter for him. “I want you.” She worked at his buttons again until he stripped off his suit jacket and shirt.

Her mouth watered; his muscles were lean and hard, his abdomen sculpted, the sexy line of his hips arrowing down into his pants. When she tried to reach behind her and undo her own dress, he flipped her onto her stomach, unzipping her and helping her shimmy out of the silk. He laid the gown over a chair back, and she slipped off her bra as he returned.

“Beautiful,” Nathan murmured, kneeling over her to take one of her pink nipples into the heat of his mouth. She murmured in pleasure, and he leaned against her, rocking his thigh against her center. She tried to push her panties off, and he dragged them down her thighs. He looked up at her, his eyes jewel-bright and glowing, and she saw hint of his dropped fangs again.

And then with a low rumble, he lapped at her pussy lips, taking her clit into his mouth. She was so wet. She had been craving his touch so badly, and to feel him humming in pleasure against her, making soft little moans of approval…he had her body practically singing with desire. “So good, sweetheart. You taste so damn good,” he moaned and finally drove his fingers inside her.

Alexandra couldn’t help the scream she let out to finally be touched like that.


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A Fading Amaranth

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