Artist Bio

Artist Bio:

Shauna Aura Knight’s two-dimensional pieces include watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, and digital art. Her installation/performance pieces include large murals, sculptural elements, lighting, mirrors, mosaic, natural settings and items from nature, found objects, ambient sounds and intentional music/sounds, storytelling, dance, movement, and participant engagement.  Her artwork in any media explores the themes and imagery of myth, mysticism, gods and goddesses, ritual, sacred sites, heroes, fantasy/story illustration. She aspires to tell story with her artwork, or to inspire people to spiritual introspection and personal transformation.

Shauna studied fine art and theatrical design at the University of Minnesota before beginning a career as a web and graphic designer. She has studied creative writing, interactive media, mythology, and the design of events, experiences, and products at Columbia College Chicago, University of Chicago Graham School, DePaul University, and at many conferences and other professional training. She graduated from a 3-year program at Diana’s Grove studying transformational transformational leadership, multi-sensorial teaching, and facilitating interactive experiences and events.

Her 2-D work has been selected for illustrations and covers for several books and magazines including Circle Magazine and Between the Worlds. Shauna has been commissioned to paint dozens of paintings and murals, as well as to design and build outdoor and indoor shrines, installations and experiential events, and she has designed and executed theatrical scenery as well as themed events, spaces, and experiences. She has also show her work at science fiction/fantasy conventions, spiritual conferences and festivals, and other private events.

Shauna travels the country showing her artwork at events and facilitating rituals, installations, and performance pieces, as well as and teaching workshops on personal transformation, finding your creativity and personal magic, and exploring our own personal myths and stories, as well as on leadership, facilitation, and on facilitating transformative events. Currently she is working on large-scale paintings of mythic images such as swords, grails, and angels, with plans for larger exhibits and interactive, experiential installation/performance pieces exploring the hero’s journey, pilgrimage, and the Grail Quest.  Shauna lives in the Chicagoland area.